Fear of Dental Treatments - Relaxation and other means of pain relief

Hypnosis for deep relaxation

Hypnosis is sometimes used in patients with severe anxiety. The procedure allows a fearless and painless treatment - but not without additional anesthetic. In hypnosis the rational part of the brain is "switched off". Everything that is unpleasant is hidden at this moment. Dentists who use this type of treatment must first undergo special additional training.

And otherwise

  • Even simple means of relaxation can help to reduce the anxiety and thus often the pain sensation. Thus, the patient can distract himself with music from the Discman / Mp3 player and deny a sign with the dentist, with which he signals pain. Then the doctor interrupts the treatment. If the patient can trust, he is much more relaxed and less sensitive to pain. Especially patients who have experienced several times that dental treatment is painful can overcome their fear of pain.
  • Herbal remedies help against the pain: brushing the painful area with clove oil, chewing dried rosemary leaves or gargling with sage tea or diluted tea tree oil.
  • If you are more inclined to homeopathy, you can also try the following: Dentist visits to Ballodonna, sudden onset of a sudden onset of a decongesting toothache, relieve persistent pain with Hyperuricum (D6 5 globules per hour). Against the fear of visiting the dentist you take Aconitum D6 - 5 beads the night before and just before the visit to the dentist. After the visit to the dentist you can take Arnica and Hyperuricum alternately (per D6 5 globules per hour) - this relieves the pain even after the anesthesia dies away, calms the tooth nerve, promotes wound healing and stops the bleeding.
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