Andrologist - Men also need a doctor

According to the Federal Statistical Office, a newborn boy in Germany has a life expectancy of 74 years, a newborn girl of 80.3 years - a difference of about 6.3 years. Why? Men are more careless with their health. But the Y chromosome is mainly responsible for numerous genetic and hormonal differences between men and women.

Andrology (male medicine)

Increasingly, the andrologist is an important partner for men and couples, even in matters of family planning. Whether unfulfilled desire for children, hormone and erectile dysfunction or disorders in the development during puberty - the men's doctor, the androloge, has established itself in recent years as an important contact for male patients. In order to be entitled Andrologist, an 18-month training in addition to the specialist in urology, dermatology or internal medicine / endocrinology through qualified training and final exam is required.

The male medicine (andrology) has developed only in recent years as an independent area of ​​responsibility. But already 30 years ago physicians and scientists founded the German Society for Andrology (DGA) in order to do justice to this area of ​​responsibility. Andrologists work in various medical fields, such as urology, internal medicine / endocrinology and dermatology.

Gynecologists and andrologists work together

The specialty of gynecologists has been recognized for decades. Andrologists are important partners of the gynecologist, for example, when couples have problems to father children - or even in contraception. 500, 000 couples in Germany are unintentionally childless. They may possibly be helped because, in addition to the artificial insemination and reprocessing of sperm, the treatment of severe male fertility problems by assisted fertilization has been significantly improved with the help of a special sperm injection technique a good ten years ago.

Surgical procedures for sperm production and microsurgical treatment techniques have also been improved. According to the guidelines of the German Medical Association, andrologists must now be part of the reproductive medical team.

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