Amphetamines (Speed)

Amphetamine is an artificially produced substance that appears in powder form. The stimulating hard drug is also called speed and is common in Germany in the rave and techno scene. Managers, workers and stressed students also use amphetamines to stay focused and alert for as long as possible. The powder is usually consumed by being snared into the nose with a paper tube. However, it can also be taken in tablet form or dissolved in a drink.

One form of meta-amphetamine is Crystal Meth, a highly dangerous party drug. It is extremely addictive and systematically destroys the body. Many meth consumers do not survive the addiction.

Effect of the speed drug

Speed ​​triggers an exhilaration and a kind of hyperactive alertness. It increases concentration and efficiency. Consumers can dance or work with it for nights without getting tired. About six to eight hours after taking it comes to a feeling of restlessness, because the body urgently requires rest and relaxation, which, however, the amphetamine does not allow. Therefore, consumers often resort to sedatives or cannabis to relax.

Amphetamines also suppress the hunger sensation and can lead to insomnia, nausea and bizarre, uncontrolled behavior. In extreme cases, a high dose of speed causes seizures and seizures and can even be fatal. With regular consumption threatened tooth loss, malnutrition, brain, heart, liver, kidney and lung damage, stroke, heart attack, depression and psychosis.

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