Amenorrhea - diagnosis and treatment

How is the diagnosis made?

Often, no other symptoms occur besides amenorrhea. Nevertheless, the gynecologist will make a detailed medical history to see if conditions of life play a role, if there are other illnesses, abdominal surgery or medications. He will also ask exactly for the previous cycle.

Further diagnostic measures

Subsequently, a gynecological examination and palpation of vagina, uterus and ovaries is performed, usually supplemented by an ultrasound examination. In some cases, a laparoscopy also follows, especially in primary amenorrhea.

Diagnostics also include blood tests to detect hormonal imbalances and other medical conditions. If necessary, a pregnancy test is also done. If there is a suspicion of a brain tumor, a computer tomography of the skull is performed.

Which therapy is there?

If treatment is needed, it will depend on the cause and the examination findings. The doctor will talk with the affected person possible and meaningful measures and any complications. A drug therapy is usually done with hormone pills.

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