Everyday help for the elderly

If the mobility and senses diminish in old age, special everyday aids can compensate for this. Many are also practical for younger people. Only one-third of the 50- to 80-year-olds have no significant problems with household items, according to a survey. Already at can openers threaten 38 percent of respondents to fail, a quarter is in constant custody with the corkscrew, the pitfalls of vegetable slices and ironing boards criticize each 12 percent. There were also significant problems with household ladders, juice presses or trash bins.

Needs of the elderly

Main points of criticism: high expenditure of energy, unwieldy or simply "works badly". More than 40 percent of respondents complain about the handling of electrical devices. Incomprehensible operating instructions, bad decipherable labels or too small buttons are reprimanded. But the industry has become more alert. Not least due to the increasing average age of the population, the demand for easy-to-use devices is increasing. In the meantime, mobile phones are on the market that really only allow you to talk on the phone and not listen to or take pictures of music. Another example is washing machines, which are higher. There are devices that are either the same height or where a base is included. Slanted drums, which are easier to fill, or beveled control panels increase ease of use, as well as illuminated drums in search of the last sock. Tipping-resistant sheets in ovens are increasingly becoming the rule. For new purchases, it is advisable to take a look at the test reports of Stiftung Warentest and then try it out for yourself.

Emergency call systems create security

Phones are also an important topic when it comes to everyday help. They are also increasingly available with big buttons and easy-to-read displays. In order to be able to call for help quickly when needed, home emergency call systems ensure safety. For this you wear a radio transmitter like a wristwatch or a medallion on a chain around your neck. At the touch of a button, the connection to a base station in the apartment and from there to a rescue center is established. The devices are either borrowed from the large rescue services or private providers - often living alone in need of care and on cash register regulation. Go beyond the reach of the apartment emergency call cell systems: Again, there is an emergency call center. In addition, satellite navigation can be used to target the location and send help if needed. Of course you can get independent of emergency call systems a cell phone that is as easy to use as possible, but it should be thoroughly tested before you buy it. With a special device of the newer generation, you can also program an emergency call button and reach up to 5 preselected numbers with the press of a button.

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