Allergies due to ozone

Marburg - Ozone levels will lead to a further dramatic increase in allergies and asthma in the coming years, according to researchers from Marburg. In a long-term study on animals, it has been established that ozone can promote the development of allergies and asthma even without a health burden, said the laboratory physician and Allergy expert at Marburg University Hospital Harald Renz. So far, scientists have assumed that high ozone levels, especially in children, or risk groups such as lung patients and allergic persons can trigger reactions. When investigating the Marburg experts, however, it turned out that with a constant ozone load and the immune system of healthy people "marches in the direction of allergy, " explains Renz. The importance of ozone must be re-discussed in terms of the increase of allergy and asthma.

Scientists are increasingly concerned about allergies caused by ozone

The research team exposed several hundred specially bred mice to an ozone concentration three times a week, four hours over four weeks, below the regulatory warning level of 240 micrograms per cubic meter (μg / m3). In addition, the animals had to inhale allergens.

The experiment showed for the first time that a long-term exposure of ozone increases the allergy and asthma attack, explains the expert. The evidence provided skin tests, lung flushing and antibodies that were detected in the blood of rodents. "This means that the importance of the environmental and air pollutant ozone must be re-discussed in terms of the increase in allergy and asthma, " Renz demanded.

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