Allergy danger with Christmas cookies

Zimtsterne, Nussecken and Vanillekipferl - Advent time is cookie time. But for allergy sufferers, many ingredients in Christmas cookies are incompatible. The sweet treats do not put everyone in a contemplative mood, because Christmas stollen and other types of pre-Christmas pastries can cause an allergic reaction to every sixth in Germany. "Guilt are so-called cross-allergies, " explains Hanna-Kathrin Kraaibeek, nutritionist at the DAK. "Many foods contain ingredients to which the person reacts like pollen or grasses." So that Zimtsterne and other sweets cause no evil after effects, explains the expert, what matters in the local bakery.

Avoid nuts in birch allergy

A tingle in the mouth, red lips, the throat swells - especially pollen allergy sufferers are affected by the "cross-effect." Anyone who reacts hypersensitive to the pollen of the birch, should go to Advent a good deal to nutty pastry walnuts, almonds or Hazelnuts can cause severe allergic reactions - in the worst case, careless snacking leads to rash, diarrhea or dyspnoea.

Nougat and marzipan should also be used with caution by allergy sufferers, as the food consists mainly of nut or almond. Alternatively, coconut flakes, sesame or amaranth are suitable as a substitute for nuts; Persipan is a good marzipan substitute.

Caution: spice mixture!

Aniseed and cinnamon make it smell like Christmas. However, those who suffer from mugwort allergy should rather keep their hands off, because the seasonings can not cause any less unpleasant side effects. "The mugwort-spice syndrome can cross-react to ingredients such as anise, chilli pepper or cinnamon, " says the expert. So anyone who is allergic to mugwort pollen, should avoid Christmas spice mixtures.

Cookies without egg and milk?

For Christmas sweet tooth with egg or milk intolerance, there is good news: Some dough mixtures come out without any ingredients such as milk and eggs. Shortcrust pastry is the basis for many Christmas cookies and is prepared without egg or milk - as well as yeast and strudel dough. Our tip for the Christmas bakery: If the recipe prescribes these ingredients, a pureed banana can be used instead of egg, and soy milk or water instead of cow, if well tolerated.

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