Allergy and pregnancy - asthma

Asthma and pregnancy

In patients with not only hay fever but allergic asthma, it is crucial to keep the disease under control during pregnancy. Schultze-Werninghaus: "Poorly adjusted asthma and asthma attacks favor pregnancy complications and premature births, and the child's growth is impaired, so pregnant asthmatics should continue to use their medication as usual."

Asthma medications in pregnancy

The risks of uncontrolled asthma are greater than the risks of the drugs. Basic asthma therapy includes cortisone-containing sprays that control the chronic inflammation of the respiratory tract. The so-called beta2-sympathomimetics are usually administered as a spray. They dilate the bronchi. There are many years of experience in pregnant women with both groups of drugs, and no damage has been observed in the children.

Also, the substance theophylline - also a common asthma remedy - does not seem to endanger mother and child. Here, however, the doctor must regularly determine the blood level of the drug. There is little experience in pregnant women with the newer group of leukotriene antagonists. Their use should therefore be reserved.

If the asthma can not be managed differently, you sometimes can not get around cortisone in tablet form during pregnancy. In these severe cases, the benefit of the drug outweighs possible dangers.

Asthma attack in pregnancy

How the pregnancy affects the asthma varies. Often the symptoms remain the same, sometimes they get better, but sometimes they get worse. Schultze-Werninghaus: "In pregnant women who suffer from asthma, the lung function should be monitored with particular care to detect a deterioration early and to protect mother and child."

Important to know: An asthma attack during pregnancy is always an emergency. He acutely endangers the oxygenation of the child and must be treated in the hospital. During an asthma attack, there may be contractions of the uterus. They usually stop when the asthma attack has been successfully treated.

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