It's hard to begin with: how parents make their children fit for school

"Mom, when can I finally go to school?" To be a schoolboy at last and to be one of the big ones - the first day of school is something very special for every child. But just as great as the anticipation are the new challenges facing the small ABC shooters. "Make your offspring feel like going to school, " advises Nicole Knaack, health promotion expert at the Techniker Krankenkasse, parents of new schoolchildren. "The more fun a school has, the better, because happy children learn more easily." School starters who trust their own abilities and who have already learned to take on small tasks on their own have a particularly easy job in the beginning.

The "seriousness of life" begins

School enrollment is a big turning point in life: while in kindergarten, playing games together was the main focus, schoolchildren have to learn in a concentrated way. Sitting still for a whole school lesson can sometimes be difficult for the lively school-starters. And not only that: Finding oneself in the class community, getting used to the new daily routine and the class teacher is not easy for every child.

"Anyone who tells his offspring about exciting books and new friends, instead of painting the devil on the wall, makes getting started a lot easier, " says pedagogue Knaack. Proverbs such as "The seriousness of life begins now" and "This nonsense is being expelled from you" only scare and paralyze any curiosity.

Safe children have it easier

Children who have confidence in themselves quickly get used to the new processes. To strengthen the self-confidence of his children from an early age is therefore the best preparation for the school. Nicole Knaack: "It is important that parents have their children granted, for example if they want to smear their own bread or cover the table, allowing the child to believe these things means believing in his abilities, and if his parents trust him, it also develops trust in itself. "

In particular, parents should support the passions and talents of their offspring. Successful experiences such as painting, singing or on the sports field strengthen the self-confidence.

Changes for the child ...

The little ABC shooters not only have to get used to being away from home for longer, in many ways they are suddenly demanding new self-employment. They have to master the way to school, do homework and express their own needs - like blurting off immediately if something is on their minds - and subordinating them to given tasks.

Children who learn about school before going to school, dressing and undressing alone, talking on the phone and paying for small purchases themselves, now have it easier. Regular pocket money helps them to get used to dealing with money. And even preschoolers can do small household chores and take care of the guinea pig or the family dog ​​to train reliability and sense of responsibility.

... and also for the parents

But not only for school starters begins a new phase of life, also for the parents changes a lot. With the first teacher, an important new caregiver enters the lives of the children. Here it says: let go! When the little ones rave about their teacher, that's no reason to be jealous. And even first-graders still need a lot of support from their parents. For example, they first have to learn to do their homework.

"In the beginning, it helps the children if there is someone nearby with their homework and open to questions, " says TK expert Knaack. "Best motivates praise. Constant criticism unsettled." However, parents should not sit there all the time or even solve tasks themselves. After all, the goal is that children can do their homework alone by the second year at the latest.

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