Alcohol at the wheel

Especially in carnival, the good party mood can quickly tip: at the latest then, if the driver's license is withdrawn because of alcohol at the wheel. The subsequent car-free time must use the traffic offenders to become aware of his drinking habits.

Second chance "MPU"

As a rule, a medical-psychological examination, MPU for short, is associated with the loss of driver's license. This is ordered by the court to determine if the driver is suitable for driving motor vehicles. In contrast to the driver's license exam, the medical-psychological examination is not about knowledge in traffic, but about the character's suitability for driving a car. And that is strongly doubted when driving an alcoholized car.

Anyone who is put under pressure with alcohol in the blood by the police, has previously driven up to 3000 times alcoholic - at least according to statistics. And anyone who participates in the traffic with 1.6 per mille of blood alcohol has had an alcohol problem for a long time. The vast majority of those who participate in the MPU do so because of drunk driving. In Germany, this examination is performed about 100, 000 times a year.

Medical and psychological

The MPU, popularly also called idiot test, consists of three parts. The medical examination and the examination of performance and responsiveness should provide information about the physical condition of the traffic junker, while the psychological examination of doubts about the psychological fitness to driving a car should be eliminated. With the help of a questionnaire, for example, in the medical examination both after taking tablets and medicines as well as after alcohol consumption habits.

Not idiotic

The entire psychological test contains nearly 500 questions. However, it is usually shortened to around 200 questions. The examinee has to say very quickly whether a statement applies to him or not. The questions are unordered and go through a variety of topics. For example, some of the questions that can only be answered with "yes" or "no" could be:

  • My stomach is very sensitive
  • As a kid I liked to fight
  • My mother rarely does it well with me
  • At parties I am usually bored
  • The yellow phases at traffic lights are too short
  • Driving is great fun
  • I am very sad sometimes
  • I'm blushing fast
  • I dont lie

It can not be done without preparation

How crucial the successful performance of the MPU is in underrating the driver's license is often underestimated. Experts strongly advise against undergoing the investigation unprepared. In the first MPU fall about 50% of those affected by and even at 20% is still a retraining necessary. Only about 30% of all candidates receive their driver's license back with the completed first MPU.

To prepare for the MPU there are a number of books and courses counselors. According to experts, however, it makes the most sense to undergo a traffic psychology consultation. This is chargeable and is carried out either in individual sessions or in group discussions. Depending on the complexity of the facts, the costs that have to be paid by the examinee himself are between 500 and 800 euros.

Immediately abstinent!

Anyone who wants to make credible that he has no alcohol problem and therefore should get his driver's license again, should be abstinent with the moment of driving license loss. This becomes believable and verifiable if, for example, the liver values ​​are regularly checked and recorded by the family doctor.

The purpose of the time without a driver's license is to deal with his alcohol problem and to come to a sustainable behavior change. Therefore, one should not speak the reason of driving license withdrawal, but deal constructively with it. This also works in an outpatient addiction counseling or a supervised self-help group.

How much is it allowed to drink before driving?

The question should not be asked first in this form. Who celebrates with friends while drinking alcohol should give the keys and leave the car behind. Although a blood alcohol concentration of 0.5 per thousand is stipulated in road traffic law as the "danger limit value", even at lower concentrations the ability to drive may be restricted. The alcohol is broken down in the body mainly via the liver. Because carbon dioxide and fatty acids are formed during this decomposition process, you can not "sweat out" alcohol. A sauna session afterwards would not only be meaningless, but would also be extremely stressful for the circulation.

The body breaks down very consistently 0.15 g of alcohol per kilogram of body weight per hour, and indeed with the first sip of alcohol, which is consumed. Men and women process alcohol quite differently, which is not just the sex-typical weight differences. Also hormonal differences, the absorption of alcohol and ingested food and other liver enzymes play a role. The degradation process is not yet fully understood.

No alcohol at the wheel

Guidelines, who can drink how much, before the criminally relevant limit is reached, there are. But since every person reacts to alcohol quite differently depending on the circumstances, these guidelines are completely useless in individual cases. But you should definitely consider the residual alcohol the next morning. To lose weight, the body takes about as many hours as you have drunk glasses. Therefore, you can still lose your driver's license in the morning after. And then probably not only has a huge hangover, but also big cat killer.

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