Algae should detoxify, make you slim and healthy. Wonder plant from the sea or empty promises? There is no clear species scheme for the alga. Slimming with algae should be possible in the form of capsules, tablets, baths, ointments and pure algae. The manufacturer often emphasizes the detoxifying and detoxifying effects of algae.

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Three types of living things are called algae:

  • Macro algae: the most well-known species of algae. Aquatic plants that grow on or above the seabed.
  • Many monocellular and multicellular organisms: they occur in the water, in the air and on the earth. Many of them are also called algae. For example, they are part of the plankton, tiny and barely visible to the human eye.
  • Blue algae: it is neither plant nor alga. It is a bacterium called algae. This species of algae also includes the AFA algae (Aphanizomenon flos aquae alga). Blue-green algae gain their energy like plants from photosynthesis. Blue algae are known from small, quiet pools or the local aquarium.

Macroalgae are used especially in Japanese cuisine as vegetables in soups (for example miso soup), stir-fries, as salads and for sushi. Algae are pure, such as the healthiest in Japanese dishes. They have a very high iodine content, which makes them especially interesting for low-iodic regions like Germany. Algae are also rich in many other minerals and trace elementsThe most commonly represented algae preparations on the market today are AFA algae, alginates, dietary supplements containing iodine and spirulina.

Algae are also an important part of the molecular gastronomy.

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