Acute bronchitis: treatment and complications

Treatment of acute bronchitis with medications and home remedies

The following tips may help in the treatment of acute bronchitis:

  • For acute, virus-induced bronchitis - and especially for fever - bed rest is observed. The air must be kept moist (inhaler, addition of essential oils). The viral or acute bronchitis requires no special therapy.
  • Since the cough can be particularly distressing at night, cough medicine with codeine is recommended.
  • The best mucus solvent, however, is an abundant hydration. About three to four liters of tea or mineral water daily ensure that the mucus is liquefied and can be coughed off well. In addition, hot drinks such as sage tea or a hot milk with fennel honey can calm the irritated airways and so relieve the sore throat.
  • No cough suppressant drugs should be taken during the day, as they inhibit the desired mucus exudation. Mucolytic drugs (mucolytics) such as acetylcysteine, on the other hand, can help.
  • As a home remedy, it is recommended to boil off milk, honey and onions in equal parts. This has an expectorant effect and makes it easier to cough up.
  • Important is a sufficient vitamin C intake (fruits, juice, possibly tablets).
  • Otherwise, a moist chest wrap may be applied twice a day for about two hours. For example, body warm quark wrap is particularly recommended as it has anti-inflammatory and expectorant action.
  • Fever, joint and headache can be treated with commonly known pain relievers.
  • Sweat cures are a good success: take a hot bath or drink elder or linden blossom tea to boost the body's defenses. In older people sweating procedures should not be carried out too intensively in order to avoid overloading the heart and circulation.
  • Anyway, be careful with older people with all applications caution. You also have to let them sit more often. A vibration massage can help relieve coughing and prevent the onset of pneumonia. Rubbing in with essential oils (for example thyme, lemon balm or eucalyptus) or ointments can also help in breathing.

Complications of acute bronchitis

The acute bronchitis usually causes no further complications and should be cured after a few days.

However, since the respiratory effort is often reduced in acute bronchitis, is to discourage sports during the disease. Otherwise, the bronchitis can be delayed and lead to serious sequelae such as pneumonia.

Take antibiotics properly

If an antibiotic has been prescribed as part of bacterial bronchitis, it should be taken for the prescribed period, even if there are no signs of bronchitis.

Early termination can cause the bacteria to stop responding to later antibiotic therapy. In this case one speaks of an antibiotic resistance. Furthermore, lack of adherence to an already started antibiotic treatment can lead to the extension of the disease to the adjacent lung tissue and additionally cause pneumonia.

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