Advent and Christmas - Tips, so that only the candles burn

Every year more than 5, 000 children in Germany are severely injured by burns and scalding - many of them during the Christmas season. Burnt out Advent arrangements, Christmas trees, which caught fire, or broken fairy lights can be the cause of such accidents. If a few rules are followed, many so-called Christmas bonfires can be avoided.

Security arrangements for the Advent season

Candles make most children's eyes light up during Advent and Christmas. However, burning candles also pose a great danger. We've put together a series of tips to help prevent Christmas fires and protect children from burns. This way, every mother and father can effectively reduce the risk of fire during Advent and Christmas.

Tips for avoiding Christmas fires

  • Use thick candles for the Advent wreath and ensure a secure attachment to the wreath.
  • Place the garland on a stable, fireproof base (clay / glass / stone).
  • Place the Christmas tree in a sturdy, water-filled stand. Secure tall trees against falling by tying them up.
  • Always have a bucket of extinguishing water or a fire extinguisher ready for Christmas and Advent!
  • Change the candles in time before they are completely burned down.
  • Avoid real candles in the Christmas tree if you can not be sure that your children understand the danger of lighted candles.
  • Make sure the burning candles are at least 30 cm away from decorative materials, shelves and all flammable objects.
  • Especially on the Christmas tree, the candles must never be placed directly under a branch or decoration material. 10 cm above a candle, the temperature is 400 ° C!
  • Keep in mind that Advent wreaths and the Christmas tree are drying out quickly due to the heated rooms. The result is a resin-containing gas bell around the branches, which can ignite explosively. The fire risk increases from day to day.
  • For dry twigs change branches to fresh ones.

Protect children from burns

  • Practice the safe handling of fire with children as early as possible.
  • Children may only light candles in the presence of adults.
  • Never leave children alone with burning candles.
  • Lead by example and do not bundle with Advent branches just because it smells so good.
  • Make sure that children do not touch burning candles.
  • Sparklers do not belong in the hands of children or the Christmas tree!
  • Always keep lighters and matches out of the reach of children!
  • Always light the candles on top of the tree first and extinguish the candles from bottom to top!
  • Delete all candles before leaving the room.
  • Especially at Christmas time, check if all the candles are actually extinguished when you leave the house or apartment - candle wicks may burn after.
  • Who wants to play it safe, should switch to electric fairy lights. Make sure that the fairy lights are marked with a GS mark for tested safety.

First aid for burns

If, despite all precautions, combustion occurs, the injured areas should be cooled for ten minutes with water not colder than 15 ° C. The unaffected parts of the body should be kept warm. Call the ambulance at 112 and stay with your child until help arrives.

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