Adnexitis - Therapy and Prevention

Which therapy is there?

Mostly a hospital admission is required, in each case strict bed rest. The focus is on the administration of an antibiotic that simultaneously acts against a whole series of germs and is often first administered as an infusion. In addition, painkillers are used, which also have an anti-inflammatory effect. Towels wrapped with ice on the lower abdomen also relieve the pain and inflammation. It is important to drink a lot and to empty the bladder and bowel regularly. Sexual intercourse should be avoided in the first time, the partner must be treated if necessary. Smoking is taboo.

If the acute inflammation has subsided (which can be checked by blood tests), heat therapy can be followed by warm sitz baths, warm, moist wraps and shortwave therapy, which improves blood circulation and thus promotes healing. Patients should regularly consult their doctor for aftercare. In chronic cases, applications such as mud baths and fango packs (preferably in the context of a spa stay) are recommended - but the therapy is often difficult and tedious. If complications such as pus accumulation or intestinal obstruction occur, may need to be punctured or open surgery. Even with chronic courses, which are not accessible to any other therapy, an operation may be indicated in which, for example, fallopian tubes, ovaries and / or uterus are removed.

How can we prevent it?

By far the most common cause of vaginal inflammation and pelvic inflammatory disease are germs that are transmitted during sexual intercourse. Therefore, the use of condoms is recommended, especially for frequently changing sexual partners. Everything that prevents vaginal inflammation makes sense - consistent, but not exaggerated sexual hygiene. It is important to keep the vaginal environment in balance (and to refrain, for example, excessive use of soap or intimate sprays); In addition to a healthy diet, a lot of exercise in the fresh air and the balance between work and leisure, abstaining from nicotine makes sense. It is also sensible - especially in wet and cold weather - to keep feet and abdomen warm and change moist clothing immediately.

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