Losing weight - appetite suppressant


Appetite suppressants, also called anorectics (from the Greek say "not hungry"), are agents that are said to inhibit the hunger center in the interbrain. Others prolong the satiety.

In addition, there are appetite suppressants with a combined effect: amphetamines, so stimulants ("Speed") increase energy consumption and appetite throttling, sibutramine, which is as Reductil® in the German market, increases satiety and increases energy consumption.

"Appetite ingestion can have severe side effects, can increase blood pressure and increase pulmonary circulation, increase heart rate, lead to nervousness and sleep disorders, and appetite suppressants can quickly lose their effectiveness and patients may even become dependent on them, " warns Prof. Dr. Peter Stehle, Vice President of the German Nutrition Society (DGE).

The sole application reduces the weight at most in the short term. Once the appetite suppressant is discontinued, increase body weight again as the causes of obesity have not changed.

Side effects of appetite suppressants

Like any drug, the AOK also warns, appetite suppressants also have side effects, such as:

  • unrest
  • sleep disorders
  • high blood pressure
  • heartbeat
  • Changes in the psyche
  • impotence
  • sweat
  • rashes

Because of their stimulating effect, they are also abused as a drug. In Europe and the US, the number of appetite suppressant consumers is estimated at 50 million. The consequences of hungry and overweight people in their despair simultaneously turning to appetite suppressants and ephedra tea are catastrophic.

Lose successfully in the long term

Those who want to reduce their weight over the long term can do so only by changing their dietary habits. A fat and energy-reduced mixed diet is the most effective and gentle way to lose unnecessary weight and maintain the new weight. Regular physical exercise promotes long-term weight loss.

Appetite suppressants can make weight loss easier in the short term, but they must be taken under medical supervision.

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