7 rules for more motivation

An important aspect to master much better is the motivation. However, it is often missing. Not achieved goals, pressure from the boss, little annoyance or great frustration - all together a vicious circle that can make the motivation tremendously shake. The following principles of motivation are easy to implement because they follow very simple ways of thinking and are nevertheless very effective - but only if you realize them daily. Because: no diligence no price!

1. Set goals that fascinate you!

Setting goals in life is quite logical for most people. But that alone is not enough. Often the goals that are believed are really just wishes. Clear goals need to be well defined, that is, you have to deal with them, and above all they must be worthy of you working hard on them every day.

When planning your goals, it's important to know if you're motivated to reach the goal or to get there. The main thing is that it is a destination that fascinates and excites you. So a goal that draws you. Also keep in mind that goals are always very personal things that mean a lot to you.

2. Think positively!

Under no circumstances should you go around the world with pink-and-red glasses and ignore everything bad - on the contrary - it is important that you deal with problems and consider them as an opportunity to do something better. Above all, the small successes are important. Often you can not change a problematic situation in which you may find yourself overnight, but you can change your attitude and, over time, improve the situation! A little tip about this: Write down all problems on a list.

The next step is the creative phase: consider what advice you would give your best friend in such a situation, and then make a note of your solution. After the problem is solved, uncheck it, because that's how you see the results. The more hooks are on your list, the better you will feel.

3. Be aware of your strengths!

Mostly only weaknesses or mistakes of a person are considered. The strengths that everyone also possesses are taken for granted. But once you deliberately put them out, they cause a tremendous boost in motivation. I can do it!

This will make your attitude and thinking more positive - your whole approach may change. All this together releases outstanding motivational forces, which are the actual foundation stones for all other tips.

4. Formulate "beliefs" principles!

This does not mean any sentences that you "babble" on daily, so no great sayings that you have picked up somewhere, behind which you personally but not standing, but solid principles that you believe in yourself.

Consider 5 such beliefs and write them down. Read it daily, right at the beginning of your work. You will feel how motivated you are to start your day at work.

5. Reward yourself and make friends!

Many people perform at their best every day without ever even thinking of rewarding themselves. Reward, however, promotes performance - not only with others, even with oneself! Reward yourself regularly for the many, often small positive events of each day, then weigh the negative not so difficult. Even if you have a goal firmly in mind, you should plan enough free space and free time.

Create a balance, because nothing is worse than getting bitten. Then usually nothing works anymore. Friends are always part of it, because with them relationship levels arise.

6. Face new challenges!

This brings us back to the starting point. Goals always represent a challenge, otherwise they are not worthwhile goals. Challenged challenges strengthen the belief in oneself. That makes you independent and free.

You realize that you are solely responsible for your life and can be more relaxed.

7. Complete your day positively!

At the end of each working day, write three things in your personal organizer that you have experienced as positive. Do not just think about it: write down! Their motivation increases with every day, every week, every month.

An old saying advises to finish every day with a smile. If you generously interpret this saying, then you could even start the following day with a smile. Is that nothing?

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