60-30-10: Ideal for lunch break

Lead fatigue in the workplace? A simple rule helps to circumvent the power low. Bring peak performance at noon? Bad timing. Because creativity and concentration reaches its peak in most of us between ten and eleven o'clock. Then the power curve drops and the body needs a break. According to the DAK health barometer, every tenth waives the deserved rest - due to lack of time. 60-30-10: With this ideal measure, employees can switch off and refuel quickly.

60 percent: Start with power food

Slightly more than half of the lunch break should be scheduled for a meal. But please no hearty food! "Heavy food causes the digestive organs to work at full speed, while our brain is putting a stop to it, " says nutritionist Hanna-Kathrin Kraaibeek. Her tip: "Optimal fit-makers are lean meat, fish and above all vegetables and salad, they contain important vitamins and minerals that bring the mind and body back to life."

Pleasant side effect: food de-stressed. Provided you chew slowly and can not be distracted. If you can not find time for a long lunch in the canteen, you should treat yourself to a meal. Pre-cooked dishes or sandwiches are a quick, healthy alternative in this case.

30 percent: new momentum for tired limbs

Started the day dynamically in the morning - at lunchtime already limbs as heavy as lead? No wonder: whoever rested, rusted. "Exercise during the lunch break protects against back and neck pain and boosts the circulation, " advises Kraaibeek instead. Almost a third of the lunch break should therefore be scheduled for a small fitness program. For example, if you have one hour, you can go for a walk in the fresh air for 20 minutes. Only 15 minutes break? Then: open the window and stretch and stretch the body for four minutes.

10 percent: drive down and relax

In the US, the so-called "power napping", the short slumber in the workplace, has long been established. Thus, reactivity and performance after a nap have been proven to be many times higher. In Germany, this has not yet prevailed.

Alternatively, a short relaxation exercise brings new power: Just close your eyes, deep in the nose and exhale through the mouth. The whole thing four times in a row and then start again with a clear head peppy.

An example calculation for the lunch break:

lunch breakeatMoveRelaxation
1 hour35 minutes lunch in the canteen / restaurant (with side salad)20 minutes walk in the fresh air5 minutes power-napping
1/2 hour20 minutes walking to the bakery or supermarket (bread, fruit, yoghurt)8 minutes of stairs jogging and once around the building2 minutes yoga exercise, eg "tree"
15 minutes10 minutes packed lunchStretch 4 minutes and stretch at the open windowClose your eyes for 1 minute and take a deep breath
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