12 tips against heavy legs

Heavy, tired legs are a symptom that can occur in various situations: after jogging, in the summer, when traveling or during pregnancy. What can be done against the aching legs?

We give you twelve general tips to help you treat your heavy legs quickly and easily.

12 tips for treating heavy legs

Please note the following tips for heavy legs:

  1. Avoid prolonged sitting and standing. If it's unavoidable, move in between and avoid bumping your legs as you sit, as this interferes with your blood flow.
  2. Put your legs up frequently, for example when working, reading, watching TV or sleeping.
  3. Shower your legs often cold.
  4. Massages can also help with heavy legs: however, the leg should always be massaged from bottom to top to promote the return of the blood to the heart.
  5. Wear support stockings.
  6. Avoid wearing too tight clothing. Especially with socks you should make sure that the waistband does not cut.
  7. Overweight persons should try to reduce their weight. Because the veins are more heavily burdened by the additional fatty tissue.
  8. Wear flat shoes.
  9. Avoid heat in the summer, as heavy temperatures often cause heavy legs.
  10. Drink a lot, because fluid improves the blood circulation.
  11. Run often barefoot.
  12. Regular exercise trains the veins and can thus prevent heavy legs. The focus of training should be on the leg muscles.

First aid for heavy legs

First aid for heavy, swollen legs can make a wrap of ice cubes, cold water and a little fruit vinegar. If the swelling of the legs does not recede despite the above measures, you should always consult a doctor and clarify the exact causes of your heavy legs.

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