10 practical tips against cellulite

With a short creaming is the annoying orange peel dents not counteract or prevent, for tight legs woman has to invest a little more time. Gentle massages with anti-cellulite creams, promotion of blood circulation through cold-warm alternating baths, a low-fat vitamin-rich diet and sports are part of the anti-cellulite treatment program.

Different treatments for cellulite

Patience and discipline are also important, as a tightening effect often sets in only after a few months of consistent action. For stubborn cellulite, it's diet and a lot of exercise that help.

For specific methods, such as vacuum therapy, electrical treatments, and anti-cellulite tights (for example, theophylline acetal), consult your doctor.

Sports activity

Problem areas can be specifically combated through physical activity - sport is therefore at the top of the list of anti-cellulite program. Exercise strengthens the muscles, promotes blood circulation and stimulates fat burning through oxygenation.

  • Reduce fat and build muscle mass: The more muscle mass is present, the more calories are burned, because the metabolic activity of muscle cells is higher than that of the fat cells.
  • Targeted strength training in the fitness center or problem zone gymnastics (muscle building training for legs, stomach and buttocks) are extremely effective. The skin becomes smoother again, but it takes patience and stamina. Three training sessions per week are ideal for 30 minutes, preferably with moderate exercise.
  • Cycling, jogging, hiking or swimming are also suitable sports in the fight against cellulite. Also recommended is a mini trampoline for the home. Trampoline jumping also stimulates the metabolism, brings the fat burning trot and protects the joints.

Nutrition in cellulite

Drinking is very important for the firming of the skin, at least two liters of liquid daily are recommended. Especially purifying and digestive a glass of warm tap water in the morning after getting up.

When it comes to diet, it is beneficial to pay attention to a low-salt and low-fat diet. Fruits and vegetables, especially potassium-rich foods (potatoes, apricots, bananas), ginger and artichokes support the purification.

  • Drink two to three liters of fluid daily. In this way you support the removal of breakdown products of the metabolism. We recommend herbal tea or low-sodium mineral water.
  • Drink coffee, black tea and alcohol only moderately.
  • Reduce the enjoyment of salt, sugar, and meat in favor of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Avoid being overweight or lose extra pounds.

Skin care for cellulite

The effect of anti-cellulite products and massagers is very controversial. Stiftung Warentest said after eight weeks of investigation all tested agents efficacy. Nevertheless, the new creams and gels with special sugar molecules, caffeine, silicon or ginkgo feel extremely pleasant on the skin.

A full bath with algae extracts or with sea salt before creaming increases the receptivity of the skin for active ingredients. In addition, the daily massage effect during creaming promotes blood circulation - gentle massage in clockwise direction or a light plucking massage are ideal:

  • Plucking massage: For the plucking massage, lift the skin with the fingertips of both hands, squeeze it a little and then pull it upwards. Work systematically from the thighs to the buttocks.
  • Changing showers (three times in quick succession: warm first then cold) stimulate blood and lymph circulation. Build them into your daily shower as a regular ritual.
  • Massages (with massage gloves, rollers or equipment) also speed up the metabolism and ensure the removal of metabolic waste. Massage affected areas every day, preferably from the bottom up.
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