The healthy food combinations you should know about

After Kosher food system, the lamb should never be cooked in their mothers milk “, effectively, meat and milk should never be eaten together. This may have started as a religious dictum, but actually has roots in the wisdom of old men. Meat and milk can not be digested, so it is not a good […]

How long does it take to lose weight

There are many factors to consider, if you want to know how long it takes for you to lose weight and lose body fat. Questions such as what and when to eat, are you exercising regularly and correctly and you have the genes for quick weight loss and fat must be tackled. In this article […]

Why do we need minerals

Vitamins and Minerals “is a concept, but very few people really understand the difference between vitamins and minerals, and what actually means everyone for your body and your health. Most people think of minerals such as compounds that are in Earth, such as quartz or iron. minerals are also in very small quantities in many […]