Get Fresh With Vegetables

Many people blame their unhealthy lifestyle on the fact that fruit and vegetables “taste boring”. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

There are numerous ways to prepare delicious vegetables, whether you choose to grill, steam, stir fry or serve them raw. You can even juice many vegetables to make tasty and nutritious drinks.

The variety of vegetables
No doubt your parents told you to “eat your greens”. While they were talking a lot of sense, you should also eat your reds, yellows and purples.

Your diet should feature a good selection of different colored vegetables, as this is a giant step towards getting all the vitamins and minerals you need.

With the appetizing array of vegetables now available in supermarkets and greengrocers, even the most determined carnivore should be able find something to tempt their taste buds and help them become healthier and more fulfilled.

Preparing your vegetables
Eating more vegetables can also introduce you to the joys of home cooking. For example, nothing feels better on a cold day than a hearty bowl of vegetable soup prepared by your own fair hand.

What you put in your soup is really up to you. Experiment with various pulses and vegetables, such as lentils, carrots and turnip, to make a satisfying broth – practically a meal in itself.

Bear in mind that boiling vegetables for too long will destroy some of the vital nutrients in them. More effective ways to cook vegetables include steaming, baking, roasting and stir frying.

Also, don’t be afraid of serving vegetables raw. If you’ve never experienced raw broccoli florets before, you are in for a delicious surprise. Other vegetables that are wonderful served raw include carrots, peas straight from the pod and cauliflower.

To get the most from your vegetables, you should also invest in a juicer. You can have great fun dreaming up recipes for fresh vegetable juices, which can help stop you snacking and detox your system.

Benefits of eating vegetables
A diet rich in vegetables is vital if your liver is to function properly. Vegetables which contain sulphur are also high in liver-building enzymes, crucial if this vital organ is to work.

Sulphur-containing vegetables include broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage and cauliflower. Other liver-friendly vegetables, such as asparagus, celery and cucumber will also curb the craving for sweet snacks.

Fresh vegetables are also rich in vitamins A, B and C. These can help improve the condition of your skin, burn excess fat and strengthen the immune system.

Choosing and storing vegetables
When shopping for vegetables, you should choose raw, fresh and organic whenever possible, avoiding added salt and additives at all costs.

Too much salt is linked to high blood pressure, while additives can deprive your body of essential nutrients.

Most vegetables can be stored in the crisper cabinet of your fridge. If you are storing carrots, remember to remove the stem. This can draw nutrients away from the vegetable and it also goes mouldy quicker.

Now you know how to choose vegetables, how to prepare them and why they are important to your diet, it’s time to get ‘veg in’, instead of vegging out!

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  4. Thank you , I love to read about other vegetarians and vegans as it gives me the strength to continue. I have about a thousand vegetarian feeds in my google reader, but another can’t hurt!! I did manage to find a good lentil recipes here, but I’ll be sure to try yours too. Thanks!

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