Women who are sexually active may have cervical cancer

Studies show that cancer of the cervix occurs more often in women who are sexually active early in life. Cervical cancers can cause a human papilloma virus (HPV). This virus is caused by sex and it can cause infections in the cervical or part of the woman sex organ. But this virus can not last for long, because the body can against this virus (HPV), in contrast to HIV. But when the body can not against the virus, the cervix and turns into cancer cells.

From now on cervical cancer can be prevented and cured if diagnosed earlier by the use of Pap smear test. During the examination, if the doctor can detect the abnormal cells will recommend a drug directly, so that the women can easily recover, or if the cancer is already in its full bloom operation would be a good option.

Cervical cancer should not cause any symptom symptom or less in its early stages. But in the time that the rule will lead to increased abnormal vaginal bleeding or discharge. Women, cervical cancer feels moderate pain during sexual intercourse. The years of greatest risk for cancer of the cervix will be achieved if women over the age of forty to forty-nine years old.

To avoid the risk of developing cancer of the cervix doctors advise that women have pap smear once every two years. Smear is done through the use of metal instrument speculum to open the vagina and the cervix. A cotton will rub off and the surface of the cervix to test cells in the laboratory can be used. The sample cells are examined under the microscope to determine the presence of cancer cells develop, possibly in the cervix cancers.

Women who have cancer, it may be that cervix loss of appetite, fatigue pelvic and back pain. They also have a heavy bleeding during her monthly period.

The causes of cervical cancer can be either of Chlamydia infection, dietary factors, hormonal contraception, multiple pregnancies, the use of hormonal drug diethylstilbestrol (DES). It also happens to a woman who has many sexual partners, or whose sexual partners with many contacts. Other cases of cervical cancer occur in women, with oral contraceptives than in those who are in the membrane.

Today Papanicolau test or pap smear for cervical cancer screening has been credited to the awareness of women about cervical cancer and also to a decline in the incidence of this type of cancer in some developed countries. Collopscope is also to recognize the cancer cells in the cervix, it is the magnifying glass tool for the investigation of the cervix if it shows inflammatory changes or abnormal cells.

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