The truth about color blindess

Red stands for love, the romantic calmed pink, blue stands for loyalty, while purple represents license fees. Green calms the soul, while yellow can lose your temper! Each color has a meaning. But the importance of color is obvious that only those who can see colors. Questions are what I am talking about? Well, I am talking about color blindness! Color blindness is the inability to recognize the differences in colors. This is a shortage of people saw that one is unable to distinguish between certain colors. It is primarily genetic or may be caused by impairment in the eye, brain and nerves. The English chemist John Dalton that he Color Blind. He, for the first time since 1798, published about Color blindness in his lecture entitled “extraordinary facts with respect to the vision of colours”. Color blindness is also known as Daltonism.

Human eye and color blindness

Human retina is the inner layer of the eye, which is sensitive to light. It contains two types of cells that light rods and cones. Rod cells are active, whereas less light cone cells function during normal light. There are three types of cones, each with a distinct pigment. Each of the three types of cones is responsible for the performance of one of the colors red, green or blue. Various colors are perceived, if different types of cones are stimulated to varying degrees. The three types of cones have gifted us the value of shares colour vision. We are trichromats.

Causes of color blindness

* Causes of color blindness result from over 19 chromosomes and many different genes. Genes responsible for color vision are usually on the X chromosome. Therefore, color blindness is more common in men than in women.
* Accepted color blindness can be congenital or acquired in childhood or adulthood. Color blindness can be static or progressive. In cases of acute color blindness, the person may later be completely blind.
* Shaken Baby Syndrome is another important cause of blindness color. This happens in the event of damage to the retina of the child and the brain. Accidents could harm the retina or the brain leads to blindness color.
* The exposure to UV rays can damage the retina, what color blindness. This is the main cause of blindness in colour children. The color vision deficit remains with them for their lives.

Types of color blindness

Color blindness can either be an inherited or an acquired deficiency. Inherited color blindness is due to genetic diseases in the photoreceptor cells. Various types of inherited arising from the failure of the different types of cone cells. Often one is unable to distinguish between the colors yellow, red and green. Another type of color blindness is the issue on the distinction between blue and yellow. The rarest type of colorblindness is Monochromat, the leaves of the world black and white for the sick. Acquired one does not necessarily irreversible. In the case of acquired color blindness, only a part of their own visual field can color blinded. Monochromat is seen in two different forms namely Monochromat Rod and cone Monochromat. Dichromate is a kind of color-blindness that one person on each color he / she sees to a certain mixture of only two spectral lights. Protanopia, Deuteranopia and Tritanopia are forms of Dichromate. Let us see any kind of colorblindness soon.

* Rod Monochromat: Retina not included cone cells. People with rod Monochromat confronted with problems, usually in normal light intensities.
* Cone Monochromat: A person who is only one kind of a cone is one cone Monochromat. A Monochromat can not distinguish colors.
* Protanopia: Protanopes not have the retinal cones, which are sensitive to long wavelengths. You can not discriminate against the colors in the green-yellow-red zone. You see red orange and yellow colors are less bright than they actually are. They lack the perception of the difference in the colour red, yellow and green. The beautiful blue to pink appear protanopes.
* Deuteranopia: The problems faced by Deuteranopes similar to those of Protanopes confronted. The perception of reduced brightness is absent in these people. These people are poor of the medium wavelength sensitive cone cells.
* Tritanopia: Tritanopians are unable to distinguish between colors in the blue and yellow.

Apart from these types of abnormal Trichomat manifests itself in the form of protanomaly, deuteranomaly and tritanomaly. Protanomalous people can interpret as a red black. Deuteranomalous people are less sensitive to the green side of the spectrum.

Identification and treatment of Color Blindness

Ishihara color test is a way to diagnose color blindness. A number of points made certain colors will be on a different colored background. The design is so great that the number is recognizable only by those with normal color vision. Those with a disease in which perception colors can not identify the object in the display. Color tests to be developed in order to be effective on the whole categorization Color Blind people.

Contact lenses and filters can help, Color-blind people. Many types of computer software have been developed to help people with difficulties in the exercise of color. There is no real solution for color-blindness. The National Eye Institute is trying to find.

How does Color Blindness influence?

Color-blind people find it difficult to determine color codes. They note problems with reading cards with red and green tint. Some Color Blind people can not identify the color of a thin line, while they are in a position to recognize a color, if they are in larger quantities. Color of a relatively thick line is visible for a Color Blind person. Those with a deterioration of color vision have difficulty in distinguishing signal lamps and other red or green colored road signs.

Color Blindness in a positive perspective

Nature is rarely to its unjust nature. First, camouflages not deceive the eyes of a color-blind person. A Color Blind hunters is that they better spot prey, as his eyes never fall victim to camouflaging. Secondly, color blindness is a deficiency, you can easily to the implementation of your life. It in no way stops you from leading a normal life. It is wrong to call a color blindness disability. It may be another way of seeing things, a unique perception of colors.

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  9. While one may not be overly encumbered by the absence of the vibrancy of life through the absence of certain color’s, the argument for the missing color’s import can be made by looking into the eyes of a child.

    I am a 50 year old male. I am a designer and builder and have been colorblind all my life.

    If the there were a cure, I would pay nearly anything to simply look at the faces of my children and grandchildren…just once…and see t

  10. If there were a cure, I would pay nearly anything to simply look at the faces of my children and grandchildren…just once…and see them as the world see’s them.

    I want to know the stormy blue gray of my wife’s eyes.

    I want to see the color of my new grand-daughter’s hair.

    I would love, just once, to see what I have been missing.

    Thank you.

  11. Accomplishment.

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