The super tips to sleep better

If you believe your body is only a mass of carbon blob floating in a quantity of water, forget reading this. It is new age nonsense and will not work anyway. This sleep system is not about the counting of sheep or taking a pill.

Still reading? Our bodies are made up of carbon, nitrogen and mainly water (H20), but it is also an electromagnetic field that flows through and around it. This is the same for all living beings, including the Earth and the planets and astral body.

This is the invisible world with the naked eye, but is very real and affects many processes such as awareness, communication, our memories and is part of what connects all things. In addition, portals or chakras, or energy information to give our bodies.It also strongly influenced our general health.

About 20 years ago, a Dubro Peggy Energy Healing modality called EMF or electro magnetic field technology not to be confused with EFT. It is based on the recognition that this area exists and that this grid or web, as it is called, we can tap into the perfect energy that he explained. We can achieve balance in the physical and mental aspects of our body. Balance and the lock is free-flowing energy or chi is the key to perfect health.

I use a small piece of technology called The Spiral sweep to send me to sleep. I do it every night not only me to sleep, but the Chi or life force energy (there are many names for him) is flowing through me free. I started doing it for the energy flow but found that it works great for natural, drug-free help for insomnia.

Many people have problems sleeping because their heads to keep chat. This process uses the mind or consciousness as an ally to work with the body instead of the struggle, and sometimes goes on, if we try to sleep.

This is my version of it, it is similar, but not the same as Peggy’s spiral sweep. The basic idea is the perfect use of this universal energy, which revolve around and through the body to relax and sleep can be accepted.

The skeleton sweep.

Start your engines on the back with the palms flat. Make sure that your hands are not touching your body. Envision this energy whirling in a circle at the bottom of your feet. Use your thoughts to bring that energy into the soles of the feet. Slowly take this energy and go through all the bones in your body, hence the name of the skeleton. In your ankles until your calves, knees, thighs and hips.

This can be regarded as slow or as fast as you choose. The main thing is to think that by focusing on each bone. Bring it up your spine, vertebrae by vertebrae. After reaching the top of the spine let it flow into your shoulders, sternum your ribs. Then your arms let it flow from your hands. You should be able to think that they strongly flowing your hands. Flow of energy flows back up your arms in your face and skull with a feeling of glowing like a crown on top of the head.

Lay that, for how long you want to feel the energy flowing smoothly through your body. I’m usually asleep then but there is more, if you are still awake.

The endocrine Sweep

Peggy goes into much more detail, but what I do is, I think it shining at the top of my head, I will raise him into my cerebral cortex (peak of the brain), then there will be at the bottom of the white substance. In addition to the pituitary gland is happy above the eye in the middle of the forehead. Then I let it flow into the all important pineal gland. Stay with it there for a while. Then bring it to the pons which is at the base of your skull on the back of the neck. Move the energy in the thyroid, on the front of the neck on the thymus.

The thymus is also a very important gland in the whole picture, as it is called the second heart. It is a distribution of energy through the body. Next is the pancreas, flowing on the back side to the adrenal glands sit on top of the kidneys. Next I go to the liver and the sexual glands, ovaries or testicles. Finally, I bring the legs to return to the bottom of the feet to the ground.


I never make it so far, but if you are still awake, you can take the energy from a backup copy of your chakras. For those not familiar with what they are chakras are portals or openings in the electromagnetic field that surrounds you. This, if you could see as spinning vortexes, water looks as if it is composed of a draining bathtub. Ancient Egyptians used a 13 chakra system, but the most commonly used system is that the 8th These chakras are out of your body and about 6 1 / 2 inch apart.

The energy that you are back on their feet will be in the 1st Chakra. Move up to 2nd Chakra which is about at the top of your legs. The next chakra is your Root chakra which represents just over the reproductive parts of your body. Bring the energy to your stomach or solar plexus. The next chakra is your heart chakra.

Let the energy flow through, as there are, as you can imagine, is the center of being. Throat chakra next, where you speak your truth. The third eye chakra is only through your eyes in the middle of the forehead, where the real see happen. Last and most important chakra is the crown chakra. It is only through the head and the recipients of information from above.

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