The Six Most Basic Fears And How To Eliminate Them

The positivity in life is often shadowed by some fears, which continue to trouble the human mind. Following is a list of some basic fears and a description of the ways to eliminate them.

Fear of loss of love: If one starts feeling jealous of his beloved man, if he / she begins searching for errors in the loved one or a tendency to believe the loved one that something is done ill, it may lead That the person to fall victim to the fear of loss of love. The lack of trust between you and your loved one is the real reason for your fear of losing him. An intense feeling of insecurity about your love leads you to fear its loss. The habits of fraud, lies and perpetual disbelief are the important factors causing fear of loss of love. An overly possessive feeling is sure that you will lead to a fear of loss of love.

The simple ways to eliminate this fear is the confidence in the relationship. You should certainly avoid suspicion of fraud and your loved one. Both in the relationship should be each other’s identities. The best way to eliminate the fear of loss of love is to prevent the thoughts of the loss of entering your mind. Try to stop about loneliness and contribute only positive feelings about your loved ones.

Claustrophobia: claustrophobia, the fear of enclosed spaces. It is a situational triggered fear that under certain circumstances, if one is caught in a closed room. A childhood experience that only in a small room or caught in an enclosed space can lead to the development of claustrophobia. An experience like that of being stuck in an elevator can also be a claustrophobic feeling. Studies say that an unpleasant experience makes the brain link to fear trapped in a closed room. The idea in a closed space with fear, a fear grip of the person in each of his future experiences of the rest in a closed room. Sweating, palpitations, shaking, powerlessness and fear of bodily injury to characterize this fundamental fear. As in a closed vehicle or in an enclosed space can trigger claustrophobia.

Behavioral therapies teach a person to dissociate the feelings of fear and closed spaces. Hypnotherapy, non-linguistic therapies and medication are other promising therapies for the fear of enclosed spaces. Flooding is a way of allowing a person to a situation of fear, the fear passes to attack.

Fear of Darkness: Known as Nyctophobia Achluophobia or who are afraid of the dark is one of the most common fears in society today. Symptoms such as rapid breathing, irregular heartbeat, sweating and nausea characterize the fear of darkness. This fear largely impact the quality of one’s own life and often disrupts the staff of the sufferer. Like most other fears, the fear of the darkness is a protection mechanism of the subconscious mind. Media is to a certain degree for determining the association between darkness and negativity. The absence of a bright light is also responsible for triggering a certain kind of darkness that might cause fear in some people.

The healing may require a fairly long time, and with exposure to darkness. Thanks to the new discoveries in medicine, there are now drugs available that can help in removing the fear of darkness, as a temporary freedom from this fear. The real resources to eliminate the fear of darkness is self-help.

Demophobia: Demophobia is fear of crowds. It is characterized by symptoms such as breathlessness, dizziness, sweating, anxiety and inability to think and talk. This fear attacks a person, although some of the safest in the masses. Most of the sufferers panic in the idea of mixing in a group. Where groups of people seem as dangerous crowds, there is an apparent reaction of astonishment from the sufferer and the people in the crowd. Even the thought of before a crowd frightens the people who have a demophobia.

Thinking how to eliminate it? It is a way to do this, and as an energy therapy. Energy therapy is an emerging branch of psychology deals with the energy system of the body. Research has about the fact that certain negative emotions relate to the energy systems of the body. Talk therapy, which includes meetings with energy therapist, you talk about your fear, is an excellent way to eliminate demophobia. Self-help is also very effective.

Fear of criticism: Criticism is one of the basic tendencies of human nature. To suggest an opponent, are in competition to justify a course of conduct, one feels the need to criticize others around him. The fear of criticism addressed a person as a result of his / her tendency to part the crowd. It tends to do what the masses do to stay away from criticism. The fear of criticism is one of the basic fears and one of the most frequently observed. The fear of criticism manifests itself in the form of timidness, fear of the talks, the shift of the eyes, lack of balance and an inferiority complex.

The best way to eliminate the fear of criticism is trying to accept it in the right spirit. We should learn positive criticism and use it to improve its own personality. Consider criticism as a means to improve the working and on your trains, which many criticized. This attitude is sure to help you get rid of the fear of criticism.

Fear of Death: It is known as Thantophobia and is a natural phenomenon. There are theories talk about life after death, there are religious beliefs about what happens when a person dies, but there is no conclusive evidence of what happens to us when we die. The death remains the ultimate reality and continue to fear most of us.

But we should understand that the death of fear is harmful to our health. Fearing death prevents us from enjoying life. Dreading the future deprives us of the joy of the present! Studies show that because of the violent films, suicides and murders, the fear of death in people has increased. Change our thought patterns and practices to eliminate helps us to the fear of death. Thantophobia can also be cured by hypnotherapy. Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a treatment that has revolutionized psychology. It tries to change our constructs by reprogramming.

Apart from these fears, the human spirit of poverty is concerned, it fears, old age and illness. One often fears loneliness. Fear is reflected in the form of a fear of heights, depths, fire and water. Fears deprive us of the joy in life. Life is beautiful but fears eclipse. The best way to eliminate the basic fear is self-help.

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