The real secrets to weight loss

This is the time of the year for diets, but the sad fact is 90-95% of the people who lose weight gain it back, and sometimes more, within about three years. This is due to poor diet strategies that are not on the constant change. Fortunately, the solutions are simple and can be employed by any effect.

Most diets focus on the restriction of caloric intake only, which are usually slower, which leads to a metabolism. This facilitates the loss of lean body mass, and can lead to a person who is not overweight, but has a high body fat composition. Even frequent fluctuations in weight can increase the risk of cardiovascular and vascular diseases.

This trend of yo-yo dieting emphasizes the body’s mechanism to protect and sustain itself, which causes the retention of more weight after the diet even with fewer calories. The solution, however, is simple: permanent changes in lifestyle and habits are for the maintenance of healthy weight loss. Eating 3 balanced meals and healthy snacks 2-3 in the course of the day is usually effective. The increased activity is also very important for the metabolism increase, which in turn burns the calories your meal, and thus keep your weight. Regular diet and exercise combined hold metabolism, and the weight down.

Exercise is not a part of many diet plans. As I said, most diets do not require changes in lifestyle habits, but muscle mass and weight loss exercise is necessary. Increases both anaerobic (weight) and aerobic (walking), which are required in order to use calories. Keeping a journal of what you eat, weighing yourself daily, and even buying a step counters are all helpful for the maintenance of both your weight and your muscle tone and mass.

Monitoring fluctuations in the body, you can catch the changes early and maintain your ideal body. It is shown that more active people are much more likely to lose weight effectively and keep it off. In addition to the weight loss, exercise helps, the risk of heart disease and aneurisms by strengthening the heart muscle. The fact is that an active lifestyle promotes healthy life.

The main reason diets fail is that they simply did not commit to changes in lifestyle habits. Temporary changes in diet or exercise habits facilitate weight loss, but once the program is finished, is probably the changes will be abandoned and the weight is gained back, if not more. The monitoring of food and still active are the two most successful ways to keep your weight down and your body healthy.

Those who are successful implementation of the permanent changes, such as eating breakfast every day. They follow a high-protein, high carbohydrate, and low fat diet. A good diet permanent schedule is to eat small meals every 3-4 hours, or 3 meals and snacks throughout the day 2-3. Plan to snack or meal 1-2 hours before exercise, for the energy, food and high carb meal soon after the sport to recover. This helps to glycogen and muscle to keep healthy.

Regular meals keep the metabolism and maintain higher energy levels throughout the day. Eating protein, fruits and vegetables with every meal and snack each is ideal. Limit refined foods such as white bread, cereals, cured and smoked products, soda, sweets and alcohol. Eating whole, natural foods is your best bet for dietary success.

Psychotherapy is a great challenge. A huge 95% percent, in fact, not permanently lose weight. There is hope, though in a simple constant changes in life. It is not easy, but it is important to achieve not only lasting weight reduction, but also an optimal health. They simply cutting calories is not sufficient. Exercise and diet regularly whole foods are the key, and the best news of all: absolutely everyone can do it.

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