Lung cancer caused by asbestos

Asbestosis results disseminated scarring in the lungs and can be victims rather short of breath and lung cancer. Pleural fibrosis causes inflammation, hardening and thickening of the lining of the lung tissue, but it has a number of symptoms, it can be relatively easy to diagnose.

The other type of lung disease can develop that after the asbestos exposure, asbestos lung cancer. This may affect either the internal parts of the lungs or the outer covering. Although it is impossible to determine the exact figure for the number of people who develop the disease because of the asbestos, it is expected that approximately the same number of asbestos lung cancer die each year in Britain as mesothelioma deaths.

The reason why we can not say how many lung cancer deaths are on this, because there are many other factors that can lead to the disease to develop. Tobacco smoke is only one of these, it would not be possible to tell whether a person has cancer because of asbestos exposure, or because they smoked.

Asbestos Lung cancer is difficult to detect because in the early stages it may be no symptoms at all. There are a few, such as coughing, chest pain and weight loss, but this can also other diseases, is what makes it so difficult to diagnose.

If they believe that someone can suffer asbestos lung cancer then a series of measures to be taken in order to confirm this. A complete physical examination is performed, and more than likely, a sample of mucus (spit) will be tested for all cancer cells. If all the cancer cells are found then either a tissue sample or a biopsy will be carried out to an accurate result.

The people who are most likely to suffer asbestos lung cancer are those who were they during their working life. The majority of patients diagnosed been associated with the disease once worked in the mines, mills or factories. But others who have suffered from a high level of asbestos exposure include construction, automotive and boilermaking repaired.

More and more people are suffering from diseases such as lung cancer demand compensation from asbestos companies not to implement security measures to prevent severe exposure. If you opt for an asbestos lawyer then there are out there who can help companies maintain that the payments for various things, such as the cost of the care you have accrued interest.

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